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Design and Development Services

With over 50 new construction or major renovation projects in the last 10 years, SMG is the only public facility management company that offers comprehensive services in the areas of design, operations, building systems, and furniture and fixtures. Whether renovating an existing facility or building a new one, our Design and Operations team can help integrate features that enhance functionality, minimize operating expenses and enhance revenue opportunities.

Additionally, SMG’s 40 plus years of managing venues has resulted in vast system of best practices, proprietary management tools and a network of experts unmatched in the industry. Our Operations Division has retooled the approach to venue management to what would best be called; asset management.

We have over seen more than $7 billion in new construction, renovation, and expansion projects


We are the only company with a dedicated corporate staff of planning and pre-opening specialists with substantial venue experience. As an operator during this critical phase of the project, SMG will work alongside the owner’s representative to bridge an important gap between the architect, construction management firm and the city to ensure that all critical operational aspects of the facility are in place prior to the grand opening.

We know better than any other management company all of the small details that must be considered in order to ensure a venue’s large-scale success.

In the past 10 years we have opened or reopened more than 27 new or renovated facilities

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