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Sports & Entertainment Booking

SMG’s booking department is proactive and exceptionally well-connected when it comes to bringing major entertainment and sports attractions into SMG-managed facilities. The more than 1.5 million seats under our managed care ensures that we are among the first to hear of booking opportunities.

We enjoy excellent and ongoing relations with leading agents, artist management firms, performing arts agencies and promoters who value our input particularly when placing events in mid-level markets. SMG is a brand they trust. We understand their marketing initiatives and can implement them throughout our network so they don’t have to negotiate individually with each facility. The SMG name gives them the confidence to book multiple venues with us in a single phone call.

SMG has a team of regional and corporate executives who are dedicated to booking and live entertainment support for the field. SMG’s Live Entertainment Division is focused solely on programming our facilities with live events.

SMG books and self-produces over $10 million in talent annually across our facilities

SMGBooking – Our Competitive Advantage

SMGBooking provides our clients with a unique competitive advantage versus other providers. Our proprietary, web-based system gives entertainment promoters an unprecedented level of access to real-time booking availability for all arenas managed by SMG. We talked to major concert promoters, tour managers and family show producers and designed this booking system with them in mind. The information provided through SMGbooking is placed in the hands of decision-makers faster to ensure even more concerts and events at our venues.
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